TEXT 100
sarvathaiva duruho 'yam
abhaktair bhagavad-rasah
tat padambuja-sarvasvair
bhaktair evanurasyate
sarvathain all respects; evacertainly; duruhahdifficult to be understood; ayamthis; abhaktaihby nondevotees; bhagavat-rasahthe transcendental mellow exchanged with the Supreme Personality of Godhead; tatthat; pada-ambuja-sarvasvaihwhose all in all is the lotus feet; bhaktaihby devotees; evacertainly; anurasyateare relished.
" 'Nondevotees cannot understand the transcendental mellows experienced between the devotee and the Lord. In all respects, this is very difficult, but one who has dedicated everything to the lotus feet of Krsna can taste the transcendental mellows.'
This verse is also found in the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (2.5.131).

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