kah panditas tvad-aparam saranam samiyad
bhakta-priyad rta-girah suhrdah krtajnat
sarvan dadati suhrdo bhajato 'bhikaman
atmanam apy upacayapacayau na yasya
kahwhat; panditahlearned man; tvat-aparamother than Your Lordship; saranamshelter; samiyatwould take; bhakta-priyatwho are affectionate to Your devotees; rta-girahwho are truthful to the devotees; suhrdahwho are the friend of the devotees; krta-jnatwho are grateful to the devotees; sarvanall; dadatigives; suhrdahto Your well-wishers; bhajatahwho worship You by devotional service; abhikamandesires; atmanamYourself; apieven; upacayaincrease; apacayauand diminution; nanot; yasyaof whom.
" 'My dear Lord, You are very affectionate to Your devotees. You are also a truthful and grateful friend. Where is that learned man who would give You up and surrender to someone else? You fulfill all the desires of Your devotees, so much so that sometimes You even give Yourself to them. Still, You neither increase nor decrease by such activity.'
This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.48.26).

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