TEXT 122
agre nṛtya, gīta, vijñapti, daṇḍavan-nati
abhyūtthāna, anuvrajyā, tīrtha-gṛhe gati
agre nṛtya—dancing before the Deity; gīta—songs; vijñapti—opening the mind; daṇḍavat-nati—offering obeisances; abhyūtthāna—stand up; anuvrajyā—following; tīrtha-gṛhe gati—going to temples and places of pilgrimage.
"One should also (10) dance before the Deity, (11) sing before the Deity, (12) open one's mind to the Deity, (13) offer obeisances to the Deity, (14) stand up before the Deity and the spiritual master just to show them respect, (15) follow the Deity or the spiritual master and (16) visit different places of pilgrimage or go see the Deity in the temple.

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