TEXT 112
ya esam purusam saksad
atma-prabhavam isvaram
na bhajanty avajananti
sthanad bhrastah patanty adhah
ye—those who; esam—of those divisions of social and spiritual orders; purusam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; saksat—directly; atma-prabhavam—the source of everyone; isvaram—the supreme controller; na—not; bhajanti—worship; avajananti—or who neglect; sthanat—from their proper place; bhrastah—being fallen; patanti—fall; adhah—downward into hellish conditions.
" 'If one simply maintains an official position in the four varnas and asramas but does not worship the Supreme Lord Visnu, he falls down from his puffed-up position into a hellish condition.'

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