TEXT 110
tasmad bharata sarvatma
bhagavan harir isvarah
srotavyah kirtitavyas ca
smartavyas cecchatabhayam
tasmat-therefore; bharata-O descendant of Bharata; sarva-atma-the all pervasive Lord, who is situated in everyone's heart; bhagavan-the Supreme Personality of Godhead; harih-Lord Hari, who takes away all the miserable conditions of material existence; isvarah-the supreme controller; srotavyah-to be heard about (from bona fide sources); kirtitavyah-to be glorified (as one has heard); ca-also; smartavyah-to be remembered; ca-and; icchata-by a person desiring; abhayam-freedom from the fearful condition of material existence.
" 'O descendant of Bharata! O Maharaja Pariksit! The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in everyone's heart as Paramatma, who is the supreme controller and who always removes the miseries of living entities, must always be heard about from reliable sources, and He must be glorified and remembered by one who wishes to become fearless.'
This is a quotation from Srimad-Bhagavatam (2.1.5). It is one's duty to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead through the hearing process. This is called srotavyah. If one has heard properly about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his duty is to glorify the Lord and preach His glories. This is called kirtitavyah. When one hears about the Lord and glorifies Him, it is natural to think of Him. This is called smartavyah. All this must be carried out if one actually wants to be immune from fear.

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