ei tina dhamera haya krsna adhisvara
goloka-paravyoma--prakrtira para
ei tina dhamera—of these three dhamas, or residential places, namely Goloka Vrndavana-dhama, Vaikuntha-dhama (Hari-dhama) and Devi-dhama (the material world); haya—is; krsna—Lord Krsna; adhisvara—the supreme master; goloka-paravyoma—the spiritual planet Goloka and the spiritual sky; prakrtira para—beyond this material energy.
"Krsna is the supreme proprietor of all dhamas, including Goloka-dhama, Vaikuntha-dhama and Devi-dhama. The paravyoma and Goloka-dhama are beyond Devi-dhama, this material world.
When a living entity is liberated from Devi-dhama but does not know of the opulence of Hari-dhama, he is placed in Mahesa-dhama, which is between the other two dhamas. The liberated soul does not get an opportunity to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead there; therefore although this Mahesa-dhama is Lord Siva's dhama and above the Devi-dhama, it is not the spiritual world. The spiritual world begins with Hari-dhama, or Vaikunthaloka.

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