sola-krosa vrndavana,--sastrera prakase
tara eka-dese vaikunthajanda-gana bhase
sola-krosa—measuring sixteen krosas (thirty-two miles); vrndavanaVrndavana-dhama; sastrera prakase—according to the revelation of revealed scripture; tara—of Vrndavana; eka-dese—in one corner; vaikuntha—all the Vaikuntha planets; ajanda-gana—the innumerable universes; bhase—are situated.
"According to the revelations of revealed scripture, Vrndavana extends only sixteen krosas [thirty-two miles]. Nonetheless, all the Vaikuntha planets and innumerable universes are located in one corner of this tract.
In Vraja, the land is divided into various vanas, or forests. The forests total twelve, and their extension is estimated to be eighty-four krosas. Of these, the special forest known as Vrndavana is located from the present municipal city of Vrndavana to the village called Nanda-grama. This distance is sixteen krosas (thirty-two miles).

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