TEXT 138
krsnanga--lavanya-pura, madhura haite sumadhura,
tate yei mukha sudhakara
madhura haite sumadhura, taha ha-ite sumadhura,
tara yei smita jyotsna-bhara
krsna-anga—the bodily features of Krsna; lavanya-pura—the city of attractive beauty; madhura—sweetness; haite—than; su-madhura—still more sweet; tate—in that body; yei—that; mukha—face; sudhakara—like the moon; madhura haite su-madhura—sweeter than sweetness; taha ha-ite—than that; su-madhura—still more sweet; tara—of which; yei—that; smita—smiling; jyotsna-bhara—like the moonshine.
"Krsna's body is a city of attractive features, and it is sweeter than sweet. His face, which is like the moon, is sweeter still, and the gentle smile on that moonlike face is like rays of moonshine.
The smile on Krsna's face is just like the smiling of the moon, which generates greater and greater happiness for the gopis.

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