TEXT 354
avatara nahi kahe--'ami avatara'
muni saba jani' kare laksana-vicara
avatarathe actual incarnation of Godhead; nahinever; kahesays; ami avataraI am an incarnation; munithe great sage Mahamuni Vyasadeva; saba jani'-knowing all (past, present and future); kare laksana-vicaradescribes the symptoms of the avataras.
"An actual incarnation of God never says, 'I am God,' or 'I am an incarnation of God.' The great sage Vyasadeva, knowing all, has already recorded the characteristics of the avataras in the sastras.
In this verse it is clearly stated that a real incarnation of God never claims to be a real incarnation. According to the symptoms described in the sastra, one can understand who is an avatara and who is not.

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