TEXT 219
sarvatra prakasa tanra--bhakte sukha dite
jagatera adharma nasi' dharma sthapite
sarvatra—everywhere; prakasa—manifestations; tanra—His; bhakte—to the devotees; sukha dite—to give happiness; jagatera—of the material world; adharma—irreligious principles; nasi'-destroying; dharma—religious principles; sthapite—to establish.
"The Lord is situated in all the universes in different forms just to please His devotees. Thus the Lord destroys irreligious principles and establishes religious principles.
In the material world the Lord is situated in different arca-murtis (Deities) in the temples, just to decrease the material activities of the conditioned soul and increase his spiritual activities. Particularly in India there are many temples throughout the country. Devotees may take advantage of them and go see the Lord at Jagannatha Puri, Vrndavana, Prayaga, Mathura, Hardwar and Visnu-kanci. When the devotees travel to these places and see the Lord, they become very happy in devotional service.

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