TEXT 175
vaibhava-prakasa yaiche devaki-tanuja
dvibhuja-svarupa kabhu, kabhu haya caturbhuja
vaibhava-prakasa—the feature of vaibhava-prakasa; yaiche—just as; devaki-tanuja—the son of Devaki; dvi-bhuja—two-handed; svarupa—form; kabhu—sometimes; kabhu—sometimes; haya—is; catuh-bhuja—four-handed.
"An example of vaibhava-prakasa is the son of Devaki. He sometimes has two hands and sometimes four hands.
When Lord Krsna took His birth, He appeared outside the womb as four-handed Visnu. Then Devaki and Vasudeva offered their prayers to Him and asked Him to assume His two-handed form. The Lord immediately assumed His two handed form and ordered that He be transferred to Gokula on the other side of the River Yamuna.

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