TEXT 163
athavā bahunaitena
kiṁ jñātena tavārjuna
viṣṭabhyāham idaṁ kṛtsnam
ekāṁśena sthito jagat
athavā—or; bahunā—much; etena—with this; kim—what use; jñātena—being known; tava—by you; arjuna—O Arjuna; viṣṭabhya—pervading; aham—I; idam—this; kṛtsnam—entire; eka-aṁśena—with one portion; sthitaḥ—situated; jagat—universe.
" 'But what need is there, Arjuna, for all this detailed knowledge? With a single fragment of Myself, I pervade and support this entire universe.'
This is a quotation from Bhagavad-gītā (10.42).

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