tahan haite ghare asi', matira upare vasi',
nakhe kare prthivi likhana
ha-ha kahan vrndavana, kahan gopendra-nandana,
kahan sei vamsi-vadana
tahan haite—from there; ghare asi'-coming back home; matira—the ground; upare—upon; vasi'-sitting; nakhe—by the nails; kare—does; prthivi—on the surface of the earth; likhana—marking; ha-ha—alas; kahan—where is; vrndavanaVrndavana; kahan—where; gopa-indra-nandana—the son of the King of the cowherd men; kahan—where; sei—that; vamsi-vadana—the person with the flute.
When coming from the Jagannatha temple to return to His house, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu used to sit on the ground and mark it with His nails. At such times He would be greatly morose and would cry, "Alas, where is Vrndavana? Where is Krsna, the son of the King of the cowherd men? Where is that person who plays the flute?"

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