anyera ye duhkha mane, anye taha nahi jane,
satya ei sastrera vicare
anya jana kahan likhi, na janaye prana-sakhi,
yate kahe dhairya dharibare
anyera—of others; ye—that; duhkha—unhappiness; mane—in the minds; anye—others; taha—that; nahi—do not; jane—know; satya—truth; ei—this; sastrera—of scripture; vicare—in the judgment; anya jana—other persons; kahan—what; likhi—I shall write; na janaye—do not know; prana-sakhi—My dear friends; yate—by which; kahe—speak; dhairya dharibare—to take patience.
"In the scriptures it is said that one person can never know the unhappiness in the mind of another. Therefore what can I say of My dear friends, Lalita and the others? Nor can they understand the unhappiness within Me. They simply try to console Me repeatedly, saying, 'Dear friend, be patient.'

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