brahmana-vaisnave dila tara ardha-dhane
eka cauthi dhana dila kutumba-bharane
brahmana-vaisnave—to the brahmanas and Vaisnavas; dila—gave as charity; tara—of the riches; ardha-dhane—fifty percent; eka cauthi dhana—one-fourth of the riches; dila—gave; kutumba-bharane—to satisfy the relatives.
Srila Rupa Gosvami divided the wealth that he brought back home. He gave fifty percent in charity to brahmanas and Vaisnavas and twenty-five percent to his relatives.
This is a practical example of how one should divide his money and retire from household life. Fifty percent of one's money should be distributed to qualified and pure devotees of the Lord. Twenty-five percent may be given to family members, and twenty-five percent may be kept for personal use in case of emergency.

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