TEXT 215
svarga, moksa krsna-bhakta 'naraka' kari' mane
krsna-nistha, trsna-tyaga--santera 'dui' gune
svargathe heavenly kingdom; moksaliberation from material bondage; krsna-bhaktaa devotee of Lord Krsna; naraka kari' maneconsiders as good as hell; krsna-nisthabeing fixed at the lotus feet of Krsna; trsna-tyagagiving up all material desires; santeraof one on the neutrality platform; dui gunetwo transcendental qualities.
"When a devotee is situated on the platform of santa-rasa, he desires neither elevation to the heavenly planets nor liberation. These are the results of karma and jnana, and the devotee considers them no better than hell. A person situated on the santa-rasa platform manifests the two transcendental qualities of detachment from all material desire and full attachment to Krsna.

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