TEXT 212
samo man-nisthata buddher
iti sri-bhagavad-vacah
tan-nistha durghata buddher
etam santa-ratim vina
samah—equality or neutrality; mat-nisthata—being fixed in My lotus feet; buddheh—of the intelligence; iti—thus; sri-bhagavat-vacah—words of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; tat-nistha—attachment or attraction for Him; durghata—very difficult to achieve; buddheh—of intelligence; etam—thus; santa-ratim—attachment on the platform of santa-rasa; vina—without.
"These are the words of the Supreme Personality of Godhead: 'When one's intelligence is fully attached to My lotus feet but one does not render practical service, one has attained the stage called santa-rati, or sama. Without santa-rati, attachment to Krsna is very difficult to achieve.'
This verse is found in the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (3.1.47).

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