TEXT 168
anya-vancha, anya-puja chadi' jnana', 'karma'
anukulye sarvendriye krsnanusilana
anya-vanchaother desires; anya-pujaother types of worship; chadi'-giving up; jnanamaterial knowledge; karmamaterial activities; anukulyefavorably; sarva-indriyewith all the senses; krsna-anusilanacultivation of Krsna consciousness.
"A pure devotee must not cherish any other desire than to serve Krsna. He should not offer worship to the demigods or to mundane personalities. He should not cultivate artificial knowledge, which is devoid of Krsna consciousness, and he should not engage himself in anything other than Krsna conscious activities. One must engage all one's purified senses in the service of the Lord. This is the favorable execution of Krsna conscious activities.

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