TEXT 164
eita parama-phala 'parama-purusartha'
yanra age trna-tulya cari purusartha
eitathis; parama-phalathe supreme goal of life; paramasupreme; purusa-arthainterest of the living being; yanra agein the presence of which; trna-tulyavery insignificant; carifour; purusa-arthathe different types of human interests.
"To taste the fruit of devotional service at Goloka Vrndavana is the highest perfection of life, and in the presence of such perfection, the four material perfections-religion, economic development, sense gratification and liberation-are very insignificant achievements.
The highest achievement attained by the jnanis or impersonalists is becoming one with the Supreme, generally known as moksa, liberation. The highest achievements of the yogis are the eight material perfections such as anima, laghima and prapti. Yet these are nothing compared to the eternal bliss of the devotee who returns back to Godhead and tastes the fruit of devotional service to the lotus feet of the Lord. The material perfections up to the point of liberation are very insignificant in comparison; therefore the pure devotee is never interested in such things. His only interest is in perfecting his devotional service to the Lord. The pleasure of the impersonalist monist philosophers is condemned in the following verse, which is also found in Srila Rupa Gosvami's Lalita-madhava.

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