TEXT 200
'nirviśeṣa-gosāñi' lañā karena vyākhyāna
'sākāra-gosāñi'--sevya, kāro nāhi jñāna
nirviśeṣa-gosāñi—the Supreme Personality of Godhead as impersonal; lañā—taking; karena vyākhyāna—they describe; sa-ākāra-gosāñi—the personal feature of the Lord; sevya—worshipable; kāro nāhi jñāna—no one has this knowledge.
"Usually they describe the Lord's impersonal aspect, but they hardly know that the Lord's personal feature is worshipable. They are undoubtedly lacking this knowledge.
The saintly Mohammedan admitted that those who were supposedly conversant in the teachings of the Koran could not ultimately understand the essence of the Koran. Because of this, they accepted only the Lord's impersonal feature. Generally they recite and explain this portion only. Although the transcendental body of the Lord is worshipable, most of them are unaware of this.

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