TEXT 190
tomara sastre kahe sese 'eka-i isvara'
'sarvaisvarya-purna tenho--syama-kalevara
tomara sastrein your scripture; kaheit says; seseat the end; eka-i isvarathere is one God; sarva-aisvarya-purnafull of all opulence; tenhoHe; syama-kalevarabodily complexion is blackish.
"The Koran accepts the fact that ultimately there is only one God. He is full of opulence, and His bodily complexion is blackish.
The revealed scripture of the Mohammedans is the Koran. There is one Mohammedan sampradaya known as the Sufis. The Sufis accept impersonalism, believing in the oneness of the living entity with the Absolute Truth. Their supreme slogan is "analahak." The Sufi sampradaya was certainly derived from Sankaracarya's impersonalists.

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