TEXT 150
tabe sukha haya yabe ganga-pathe yaiye
ebe yadi yai, 'makare' ganga-snana paiye
tabe—then; sukha haya—it will be great happiness for me; yabe—when; ganga-pathe—on the path of the Ganges; yaiye—we go; ebe yadi yai—if we go just now; makare—during Makara-sankranti; ganga-snana paiye—we can take bath in the Ganges.
"I will be very happy if we all leave and take the path by the banks of the Ganges. Then we can have the opportunity to bathe in the Ganges in Prayaga during Makara-sankranti.
There are two great occasions for bathing in the Ganges during Magha-mela. One is on the day of the dark moon, and the other is on the day of the full moon during the month of Magha.

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