TEXT 199
'mantresvara'-dusta-nade para karaila
'pichalda' paryanta sei yavana aila
mantresvara—named Mantresvara; dusta-nade—at a dangerous spot in the river; para karaila—arranged to cross; pichalda paryanta—up to the place named Pichalda; sei—that; yavana—Mohammedan governor; aila—accompanied Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
The Mohammedan governor accompanied Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu past Mantresvara. This place was very dangerous due to pirates. He took the Lord to a place named Pichalda, which was near Mantresvara.
The very wide mouth of the Ganges near present-day Diamond Harbor was called Mantresvara. Through the Ganges, the boat entered the Rupa-narayana River and reached the village of Pichalda. Pichalda and Mantresvara are located very close together. After passing Mantresvara, the Mohammedan governor accompanied the Lord as far as Pichalda.

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