TEXT 150
dui raja-patra yei prabhu-sange yaya
'yajapura' asi' prabhu tare dilena vidaya
dui raja-patrathe two government officers; yeiwho; prabhu-sangewith Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; yayago; yajapura asi'-when coming to Yajapura; prabhuSri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; tareunto them; dilena vidayabade farewell.
When Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His party arrived at Yajapura, the Lord asked the two government officers who had come with Him to return.
The place called Yajapura is very well known in Orissa. It is a subdivision of the Kataka district and is situated on the southern side of the Vaitarani River. Formerly great sages performed sacrifices on the northern bank of the Vaitarani River; consequently the place is known as Yajapura-"the place where sacrifices are performed." Some people say that this was one of the capital cities of King Yayati and that from the name Yayati-nagara the name Yajapura has come. As stated in Mahabharata (Vana-parva Chapter 114):
ete kalingah kaunteya
yatra vaitarani nadi
yatrayajata dharmo 'pi
devan saranam etya vai
atra vai rsayo 'nye ca
pura kratubhir ijire
According to the Mahabharata, great sages formerly performed sacrifices in this place. There are still many temples of demigods and incarnations there, and there is also a Deity of Sri Varahadeva. This Deity is especially important and is visited by many pilgrims. Those who worship the Supreme Lord's energy worship Varahi, Vaisnavi and Indrani, as well as many similar forms of Devi, the internal energy. There are many deities of Lord Siva, and there are many places along the river known as Dasasvamedha-ghata. Sometimes Yajapura is also called Nabhi-gaya or Viraja-ksetra.

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