gaudodyanam gaura-meghah
sincan svalokanamrtaih
virudhah samajivayat
gauda-udyanam—upon the garden known as Gauda-desa; gaura-meghah—the cloud known as Gaura; sincan—pouring water; sva—His own; alokana-amrtaih—with the nectar of the glance; bhava-agni—by the blazing fire of material existence; dagdha—having been burnt; janata—the people in general; virudhah—who are like creepers and plants; samajivayat—revived.
By the nectar of His personal glance, the cloud known as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu poured water upon the garden of Gauda-desa and revived the people, who were like creepers and plants burning in the forest fire of material existence.

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