TEXT 180
jaya jaya jahy ajam ajita dosa-grbhita-gunam
tvam asi yad atmana samavaruddha-samasta-bhagah
aga-jagad-okasam akhila-sakty-avabodhaka te
kvacid ajayatmana ca carato 'nucaren nigamah"
jaya jayakindly exhibit Your glory; jahiplease conquer; ajamnescience, maya; ajitaO unconquerable one; dosafaulty; grbhita-gunamby which the qualities are accepted; tvamYou; asiare; yatbecause; atmanaby Your internal potency; samavaruddhapossessing; samasta-bhagahall kinds of opulences; aganonmoving; jagatmoving; okasamof the embodied living entities; akhilaall; saktiof potencies; avabodhakamaster; teYou; kvacitsometimes; ajayaby the external energy; atmanaof Your self; caalso; caratahmanifesting pastimes (by Your glance); anucaretconfirm; nigamahall the Vedas.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu continued, " 'O my Lord, O unconquerable one, O master of all potencies, please exhibit Your internal potency to conquer the nescience of all moving and inert living entities. Due to nescience, they accept all kinds of faulty things, thus provoking a fearful situation. O Lord, please show Your glories! You can do this very easily, for Your internal potency is beyond the external potency, and You are the reservoir of all opulence. You are also the demonstrator of the material potency. You are also always engaged in Your pastimes in the spiritual world. You exhibit Your reserved internal potency and sometimes exhibit the external potency by glancing over it. Thus You manifest Your pastimes. The Vedas confirm Your two potencies and accept both types of pastimes due to them.' "
This verse is taken from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.87.14). It is from the prayers of the sruti-gana, the personified Vedas who glorify the Lord.
The almighty Personality of Godhead has three potencies-internal, external and marginal. When the conditioned souls are condemned due to forgetfulness, the external potency creates the material world and puts the living entities under its control. The three modes of material nature keep the living entity in a constant state of fear. Bhayam dvitiyabhinivesatah. The controlled conditioned soul is always fearful due to being controlled by the external potency; therefore the conditioned soul should always pray to the almighty Lord to conquer the external potency (maya) so that she will no longer manifest her powers, which bind all living entities, moving and inert.

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