TEXT 160
mayi bhaktir hi bhutanam
amrtatvaya kalpate
distya yad asin mat-sneho
bhavatinam mad-apanah
mayiunto Me; bhaktihthe nine kinds of devotional service, such as sravana, kirtana and smarana; hicertainly; bhutanamof all living entities; amrtatvayafor becoming eternal associates of the Lord; kalpateis quite befitting; distyaby good fortune; yatwhatever; asitthere was; mat-snehahlove and affection for Me; bhavatinamof all you gopis; mat-apanahthe cause for getting Me back.
"Lord Sri Krsna said: 'Devotional service unto Me is the only way to attain Me. My dear gopis, whatever love and affection you have attained for Me by good fortune is the only reason for My returning to you.' "
This is a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.82.44).

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