TEXT 153
sei sati premavati, premavan sei pati,
viyoge ye vanche priya-hite
na gane apana-duhkha, vanche priyajana-sukha,
sei dui mile acirate
sei sati—that chaste wife; prema-vati—full of love; prema-van—loving; sei pati—that husband; viyoge—in separation; ye—who; vanche—desire; priya-hite—for the welfare of the other; na gane—and do not care; apana-duhkha—for personal unhappiness; vanche—desire; priya-jana-sukha—the happiness of the dearmost beloved; sei—those; dui—two; mile—meet; acirate—without delay.
" 'A loving, chaste wife and a loving husband who desire all welfare for each other in separation and do not care for personal happiness, desire only one another's well-being. Such a pair certainly meet again without delay.

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