tina-jana-pase prabhu hasiya kahila
gundica-mandira-marjana-seva magi' nila
tina-jana-pasein the presence of the three persons; prabhuthe Lord; hasiyasmiling; kahilasaid; gundica-mandira-marjanaof washing the temple known as Gundica; sevaservice; magi' nilaobtained by begging.
When these three people came before the Lord, He begged them for permission to wash the temple known as Gundica.
The Gundica temple is situated two miles northeast of the Jagannatha temple. At the time of the Ratha-yatra festival, Lord Jagannatha goes to the Gundica temple from His original temple and stays there for one week. After one week, He returns to His original temple. It is understood by hearsay that the wife of Indradyumna, the King who established the Jagannatha temple, was known as Gundica. There is also mention of the name of the Gundica temple in authoritative scripture. The area of the Gundica temple is estimated to be 288 cubits by 215 cubits. The main temple inside is about 36 cubits by 30 cubits, and the kirtana hall is 32 cubits by 30 cubits.

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