TEXT 167
prabhu kahe,-more deha' laphra-vyanjane
pitha-pana, amrta-gutika deha' bhakta-gane
prabhu kahe—the Lord said; more—unto Me; deha'—give; laphra-vyanjane—ordinary vegetable; pitha-pana—cakes and sweet rice; amrta-gutika—and the preparation named amrta-gutika; deha'—deliver; bhakta-gane—to the devotees.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said, "You can give Me the ordinary vegetable known as laphra-vyanjana, and you may deliver to all the devotees better preparations like cakes, sweet rice and amrta-gutika."
Laphra-vyanjana is a combination of several green vegetables all mixed together. It is often mixed with rice and delivered to poor men. Amrta-gutika is a preparation of thick puri mixed with condensed milk. It is also known as amrta-rasavali.

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