hena kale prataparudra purusottame aila
patra-mitra-sange raja darasane calila
hena kale—at this time; prataparudra—King Prataparudra; purusottame—at Jagannatha Puri; aila—arrived; patra-mitra-sange—accompanied by his secretaries, ministers, military officers and so on; raja—the King; darasane—to visit Lord Jagannatha; calila—departed.
At this time, Maharaja Prataparudra arrived at Jagannatha Puri, Purusottama, and, accompanied by his secretaries, ministers and military officers, went to visit the temple of Lord Jagannatha.
It appears that Maharaja Prataparudra used to live at Kataka, his capital. Later he shifted his capital to Khurda, a few miles from Jagannatha Puri. Presently there is a railway station there called Khurda Road.

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