akarad api bhetavyam
strinam visayinam api
yathaher manasah ksobhas
tatha tasyakrter api
akarat—from bodily features; api—even; bhetavyam—to be feared; strinam—of women; visayinam—of materialistic persons; api—even; yatha—as; aheh—from a serpent; manasah—of the mind; ksobhah—agitation; tatha—so; tasya—of it; akrteh—from the appearance; api—even.
" 'Just as one is immediately frightened upon seeing a live serpent or even the form of a serpent, one endeavoring for self-realization should similarly fear a materialistic person and a woman. Indeed, he should not even glance at their bodily features.'
This is a quotation from Sri Caitanya-candrodaya-nataka (8.24).

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