TEXT 173
guru-sisya-nyaye satya sisyera parajaya
bharati kahe,-eho nahe, anya hetu haya
guru-sisya-nyaye—when there is a logical argument between the spiritual master and the disciple; satya—certainly; sisyera—of the disciple; parajaya—defeat; bharati kaheBrahmananda Bharati said; eho nahe—in this case it is not the fact; anya hetu—another cause; haya—there is.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu thus posed Himself as a disciple and accepted Brahmananda Bharati as His spiritual master. He then said, "The disciple is certainly defeated in an argument with the spiritual master."
Brahmananda Bharati immediately countered these words, saying, "This is not the cause of Your defeat. There is another cause.

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