TEXT 224
yara sange cale ei loka laksa-koti
vrndavana-yatrara e nahe paripati
yaraof whom; sangein the company; calefollow; eithese; lokapeople; laksa-kotihundreds and thousands; vrndavana-yatraraof going to Vrndavana; ethis; nahenot; paripatimethod.
"Dear Lord, You are going to Vrndavana with hundreds and thousands of people following You, and this is not a fitting way to go on a pilgrimage."
Sometimes, for business purposes, large crowds of men are taken to different places of pilgrimage, and money is collected from them. That is a very lucrative business, but Rupa and Sanatana Gosvamis, expressing their opinion in the presence of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, disapproved of such crowded pilgrimages. Actually when Lord Caitanya visited Vrndavana, He visited it alone and accepted a servant only at His devotees' request. He never visited Vrndavana with crowds of people for a commercial purpose.

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