TEXT 106
tabe ta' pasandi-gane karila dalana
ahovala-nrsimhadi kaila darasana
tabe ta'-thereafter; pasandi-ganeunto the atheists; kariladid; dalanasubduing; ahovala-nrsimha-adiNrsimhadeva, named Ahovala or at Ahovala; kailadid; darasanavisit.
After visiting the temple of Trimalla, or Tripadi, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu had to subdue some atheists. He then visited the temple of Ahovala-nrsimha.
This Ahovala temple is situated in Daksinatya, in the district of Karnula, within the subdivision of Sarbela. Throughout the whole district this very famous temple is much appreciated by the people. There are eight other temples also, and all of them together are called the Nava-nrsimha temples. There is much wonderful architecture and artistic engraving work in these temples. However, as stated in the local gazette, the Karnula Manual, the work is not complete.

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