TEXT 105
trimalla-tripadī-sthāna kaila daraśana
sarvatra karila kṛṣṇa-nāma pracāraṇa
trimalla—a place named Trimalla; tripadī—or Tirupati; sthāna—the pace; kaila—did; daraśana—visit; sarvatra—everywhere: karila—did; kṛṣṇa-nāma—the holy name of Lord Kṛṣṇa; pracāraṇa—preaching.
He visited the place known as Trimalla, or Tirupati, and there He extensively preached the chanting of the Lord's holy name.
This holy place is situated in the district of Tāñjor, South India. The temple of Tripadī is situated in the valley of Veṅkaṭācala (Veṅkaṭa Mountain) and contains a Deity of Lord Rāmacandra. On top of Veṅkaṭācala is the famous temple of Bālājī.

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