TEXTS 49-50
ye sune, ye pade, tanra phala etadrsi
sei bhavavista yei seve ahar-nisi
tanra phala ki kahimu, kahane na yaya
nitya-siddha sei, praya-siddha tanra kaya
ye sune—anyone who hears; ye pade—anyone who recites; tanra—of him; phala—the result; etadrsi—this; sei—he; bhava-avista—always absorbed in thoughts of Krsna; yei seve—who serves; ahah-nisi—day and night; tanra—his; phala—result; ki kahimu—what shall I say; kahane na yaya—it is impossible to express; nitya-siddha—eternally liberated; sei—such a person; praya-siddha—transcendental; tanra—his; kaya—body.
"If a transcendentally situated person, following in the footsteps of Srila Rupa Gosvami, hears and speaks about the rasa-lila dance of Krsna and is always absorbed in thoughts of Krsna while serving the Lord day and night within his mind, what shall I say about the result? It is so spiritually exalted that it cannot be expressed in words. Such a person is an eternally liberated associate of the Lord, and his body is completely spiritualized. Although he is visible to material eyes, he is spiritually situated, and all his activities are spiritual. By the will of Krsna, such a devotee is understood to possess a spiritual body.

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