TEXT 118
purnananda-cit-svarupa jagannatha-raya
tanre kaili jada-nasvara-prakrta-kaya!!
purna-ananda—complete transcendental bliss; cit-svarupa—the spiritual identity; jagannatha-raya—Lord Jagannatha; tanre—Him; kaili—you have made; jada—inert; nasvara—perishable; prakrta—material; kaya—possessing a body.
"Lord Jagannatha is completely spiritual and full of transcendental bliss, but you have compared Him to a dull, destructible body composed of the inert, external energy of the Lord.
If one thinks that the form of Lord Jagannatha is an idol made of wood, he immediately brings ill fortune into his life. According to the direction of the Padma Purana: arcye visnau sila-dhih. ..yasya va naraki sah. Thus one who thinks that the body of Lord Jagannatha is made of matter and who distinguishes between Lord Jagannatha's body and soul is condemned, for he is an offender. A pure devotee who knows the science of Krsna consciousness makes no distinction between Lord Jagannatha and His body. He knows that they are identical, just as Lord Krsna and His soul are one and the same. When one's eyes are purified by devotional service performed on the spiritual platform, one can actually envision Lord Jagannatha and His body as being completely spiritual. The advanced devotee, therefore, does not see the worshipable Deity to have a soul within a body like an ordinary human being. There is no distinction between the body and soul of Lord Jagannatha, for Lord Jagannatha is sac-cid-ananda-vigraha, just as the body of Krsna is sac-cid-ananda-vigraha. There is actually no difference between Lord Jagannatha and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, but the ignorant poet from Bengal applied a material distinction to the body of Lord Sri Jagannatha.

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