amara ei deha prabhura karye na lagila
bharata-bhumite janmi' ei deha vyartha haila
amara—my; ei—this; deha—body; prabhura—of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu; karye—in the service; na lagila—could not be used; bharata-bhumite—in the land of India; janmi'-taking birth; ei deha—this body; vyartha haila—has become useless.
"My body could not be used in the service of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Therefore although it took birth in the land of India, this body has been useless."
For a further explanation of the importance of Bharata-bhumi, one may refer to the Adi-lila (9.41) and also Srimad-Bhagavatam (5.19.19-27). The special feature of a birth in India is that a person born in India becomes automatically God conscious. In every part of India, and especially in the holy places of pilgrimage, even an ordinary uneducated man is inclined toward Krsna consciousness, and as soon as he sees a Krsna conscious person, he offers obeisances. India has many sacred rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, Narmada, Kaveri and Krsna, and simply by bathing in these rivers people are liberated and become Krsna conscious. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu therefore says:
bharata-bhumite haila manusya-janma yara
janma sarthaka kari' kara para-upakara
One who has taken birth in the land of Bharata-bhumi, India, should take full advantage of his birth. He should become completely well versed in the knowledge of the Vedas and spiritual culture and should distribute the experience of Krsna consciousness all over the world. People all over the world are madly engaging in sense gratification and in this way spoiling their human lives, with the risk that in the next life they may become animals or less. Human society should be saved from such a risky civilization and the danger of animalism by awakening to God consciousness, Krsna consciousness. The Krsna consciousness movement has been started for this purpose. Therefore unbiased men of the highest echelon should study the principles of the Krsna consciousness movement and fully cooperate with this movement to save human society.

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