sincanga nas tvad-adharamrta-purakena
no ced vayam virahajagny-upayukta-deha
dhyanena yama padayoh padavim sakhe te
sinca—just sprinkle water; anga—O my dear Krsna; nah—our; tvat—Your; adhara—of the lips; amrta—of nectar; purakena—by the stream; hasa—smile; avaloka—glancing; kala—melodious; gita—speaking; ja—produced by; hrt—in the heart; saya—resting; agnim—upon the fire; no cet—if not; vayam—we; viraha—from separation; ja—produced; agni—by the fire; upayukta—consumed; dehah—whose bodies; dhyanena—by meditation; yama—shall go; padayoh—of the lotus feet; padavim—to the site; sakhe—O my dear friend; te—Your.
" 'O dear Krsna, by Your smiling glances and melodious talk, You have awakened a fire of lusty desire in our hearts. Now You should extinguish that fire with a stream of nectar from Your lips by kissing us. Kindly do this. Otherwise, dear friend, the fire within our hearts will burn our bodies to ashes because of separation from You. Thus by meditation we shall claim shelter at Your lotus feet.' "
This verse (Bhag. 10.29.35) was spoken by the gopis when they were attracted by the vibration of Krsna's flute in the moonlight of autumn. All of them, being maddened, came to Krsna, but to increase their ecstatic love, Krsna gave them moral instructions to return home. The gopis did not care for these instructions. They wanted to be kissed by Krsna, for they had come there with lusty desires to dance with Him.

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