TEXT 178
kūṭastho vijitendriyaḥ
yukta ity ucyate yogī
jñāna—by acquired knowledge; vijñāna—realized knowledge; tṛpta—satisfied; ātmā—living entity; kūṭa-sthaḥ—fixed in his constitutional position; vijita—controlled; indriyaḥ—whose senses; yuktaḥ—in touch with the Supreme; iti—thus; ucyate—is said; yogī—a yogī; sama—equal; loṣṭra—pebbles; aśma—stone; kāñcanaḥ—gold.
" 'One who is fully satisfied in knowledge obtained and practically applied in life, who is always determined and fixed in his spiritual position, who completely controls his senses, and who sees pebbles, stone and gold on the same level, is understood to be a perfect yogī.'
This is also a quotation from Bhagavad-gītā (6.8).

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