TEXT 147
vaisnava-dharma ninda kare, vaisnava-apamana
bahu-dinera aparadhe paila parinama
vaisnava-dharmathe cult of Vaisnavism; ninda kareblasphemes; vaisnava apamanainsults to the devotees; bahu-dinerafor a long time; aparadheby offensive activities; pailagot; parinamathe resultant action.
Because of blaspheming the cult of Vaisnavism and insulting the devotees for a long time, he now received the results of his offensive activities.
Ramacandra Khan was a great offender at the lotus feet of the Vaisnavas and Visnu. Just as Ravana, although born of a brahmana father, Visvasrava, was nevertheless called an asura or raksasa because of his offenses against Lord Ramacandra (Visnu) and Hanuman (a Vaisnava), so Ramacandra Khan also became such an asura because of his offenses against Haridasa Thakura and many others.

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