sankirtana-yajne kalau krsna-aradhana
sei ta' sumedha paya krsnera carana
sankirtana-yajneperforming the yajna of chanting the Hare Krsna mantra; kalauin this age of Kali; krsna-aradhanathe process of worshiping Krsna; sei ta'-such persons; su-medhagreatly intelligent; payaget; krsnera caranashelter at the lotus feet of Krsna.
"In this age of Kali, the process of worshiping Krsna is to perform sacrifice by chanting the holy name of the Lord. One who does so is certainly very intelligent, and he attains shelter at the lotus feet of Krsna.
For further information, one may refer to the Adi-lila, Chapter Three, texts 77-78.

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