jivajnana-kalpita isvare, sakala-i ajnana
yahara sravane bhaktera phate mana prana"
jiva—the ordinary living being; ajnana—by ignorance; kalpita—imagined; isvare—in the Supreme Lord; sakala-i ajnana—all ignorance; yahara sravane—hearing of which; bhaktera—of the devotee; phate—breaks; mana prana—mind and life.
"The Mayavadi philosopher tries to establish that the living entity is only imaginary and that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is under the influence of maya. Hearing this kind of commentary breaks the heart and life of a devotee."
Srila Svarupa Damodara Gosvami wanted to impress upon Bhagavan Acarya that even though someone firmly fixed in devotion to Krsna's service might not be deviated by hearing the Mayavada bhasya, that bhasya is nevertheless full of impersonal words and ideas such as Brahman which represent knowledge but which are impersonal. The Mayavadis say that the world created by maya is false, and that actually there is no living entity but only one spiritual effulgence. They further say that God is imaginary, that people think of God only because of ignorance, and that when the Supreme Absolute Truth is befooled by the external energy, maya, He becomes a jiva, or living entity. Upon hearing all these nonsensical ideas from the nondevotee, a devotee is greatly afflicted, as if his heart and soul were broken.

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