'gopala-bhattacarya' nama tanra chota-bhai
kasite vedanta padi' gela tanra thani
gopala-bhattacaryaGopala Bhattacarya; nama—named; tanra—his; chota-bhai—younger brother; kasite—at Benares; vedanta padi'-studying Vedanta philosophy; gela—went; tanra thani—to his place.
Bhagavan Acarya's brother, whose name was Gopala Bhattacarya, had studied Vedanta philosophy at Benares and had then returned to Bhagavan Acarya's home.
During those days and also at the present, Vedanta philosophy is understood through the commentary of Sankaracarya, which is known as Sariraka-bhasya. Thus it appears that Gopala Bhattacarya the younger brother of Bhagavan Acarya, had studied Vedanta according to the way of the Sariraka-bhasya, which expounds the Mayavada philosophy of the impersonalists.

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