TEXT 118
durvara indriya kare visaya-grahana
daravi prakrti hare munerapi mana
durvarauncontrollable; indriyathe senses; karedo; visaya-grahanaaccepting sense objects; daravi prakrtia wooden statue of a woman; hareattracts; munerapieven of a great sage; manathe mind.
"So strongly do the senses adhere to the objects of their enjoyment that indeed a wooden statue of a woman attracts the mind of even a great saintly person.
The senses and the sense objects are so intimately connected that the mind of even a great saintly person is attracted to a wooden doll if it is attractively shaped like a young woman. The sense objects, namely form, sound, smell, taste and touch, are always attractive for the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. Since the senses and sense objects are naturally intimately related, sometimes even a person claiming control over his senses remains always subject to the control of sense objects. The senses are impossible to control unless purified and engaged in the service of the Lord. Thus even though a saintly person vows to control his senses, the senses are still sometimes perturbed by sense objects.

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