TEXT 103
'mora name sikhi-mahitira bhagini-sthane giya
sukla-caula eka mana anaha magiya'
mora namein my name; sikhi-mahitiraof Sikhi Mahiti; bhagini-sthaneat the place of the sister; giyagoing; sukla-caulawhite rice; eka manathe measurement of one mana; anahaplease bring; magiyarequesting.
"Please go to the sister of Sikhi Mahiti. In my name, ask her for a mana of white rice and bring it here."
In India sukla-caula (white rice) is also called atapa-caula, or rice that has not been boiled before being threshed. Another kind of rice, called siddha-caula (brown rice), is boiled before being threshed. Generally, first-class fine white rice is required for offerings to the Deity. Thus Bhagavan Acarya asked Chota Haridasa, or Junior Haridasa, a singer in the assembly of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, to get some of this rice from the sister of Sikhi Mahiti. A mana is a standard of measurement in Orissa for rice and other food grains.

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