TEXT 108
mahisira gita yena 'dasame'ra sese
pandite na bujhe tara artha-visese
mahisiraof the queens; gitathe songs; yenajust as; dasameraof the Tenth Canto; seseat the end; panditevery learned scholars; nanot; bujheunderstand; taraits; artha-viseseparticular meaning.
The songs of the queens at Dvaraka, which are mentioned at the end of the Tenth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, have a very special meaning. They are not understood even by the most learned scholars.
These songs of Srimad-Bhagavatam are verses 15-24 of the Ninetieth Chapter of the Tenth Canto.
kurari vilapasi tvam vita-nidra na sese
svapiti jagati ratryam isvaro gupta-bodhah
vayam iva sakhi kaccid gadha-nirbhinna-ceta
All the queens incessantly thought of Krsna. After their pastimes in the water, the queens said, "Our dear friend the osprey, Krsna is now asleep, but we stay awake at night because of Him. You laugh at us when you see us awake at night, but why are you not sleeping? You seem absorbed in thoughts of Krsna. Have you also been pierced by Krsna's smile? His smile is very sweet. One who is pierced by such an arrow is very fortunate."
netre nimilayasi naktam adrsta-bandhus
tvam roravisi karunam bata cakravaki
dasyam gata vayam ivacyuta-pada-justam
kim va srajam sprhayase kabarena vodhum
"O cakravaki, you keep your eyes wide open at night because you cannot see your friend. Indeed, you are suffering very much. Is it because of compassion that you are crying, or are you trying to capture Krsna by remembering Him? Having been touched by the lotus feet of Krsna, all the queens are very happy. Are you crying to wear Krsna's garland on your head? Please answer these questions clearly, O cakravaki, so that we can understand."
bho bhoh sada nistanase udanvann
alabdha-nidro 'dhigata-prajagarah
kim va mukundapahrtatma-lanchanah
praptam dasam tvam ca gato duratyayam
"O ocean, you have no opportunity to sleep quietly at night. Instead, you are always awake and crying. You have received this benediction, and your heart is broken just like ours. Mukunda's business with us is simply to smear our marks of kunkuma. O ocean, you suffer as much as we."
tvam yaksmana balavatasi grhita indo
ksinas tamo na nija-didhitibhih ksinosi
kaccin mukunda-gaditani yatha vayam tvam
vismrtya bhoh sthagita-gir upalaksyase nah
"O moon, you appear to be suffering from a severe fever, perhaps tuberculosis. Indeed, your effulgence does not have the strength to destroy the darkness. Have you become mad after hearing the songs of Krsna? Is that why you are silent? Seeing your suffering, we feel that you are one of us."
kim tvacaritam asmabhir
malayanila te 'priyam
hrdirayasi nah smaran
"O Malayan breeze, kindly tell us what wrong we have done to you. Why do you fan the flames of desire in our hearts? We have been pierced by the arrow of Govinda's glance, for He is perfect in the art of awakening the influence of Cupid."
megha srimams tvam asi dayito yadavendrasya nunam
srivatsankam vayam iva bhavan dhyayati prema-baddhah
atyutkanthah sabala-hrdayo 'smad-vidho baspa-dharah
smrtva smrtva visrjasi muhur duhkha-das tat-prasangah
"Dear cloud, O friend of Krsna's, are you thinking of the Srivatsa symbol on Krsna's chest like us queens engaged in loving affairs with Him? You are absorbed in meditation, remembering the association of Krsna, and thus you shed tears of misery."
priya-rava-padani bhasase
mrta-samjivikayanaya gira
karavani kim adya te priyam
vada me valgita-kantha kokila
"Dear cuckoo, you possess a very sweet voice, and you are very expert in imitating others. You could excite even a dead body with your voice. Therefore, tell the queens that good behavior is their proper duty."
na calasi na vadasy udara-buddhe
ksiti-dhara cintyase mahantam artham
api bata vasudeva-nandananghrim
vayam iva kamayase stanair vidhartum
"O magnanimous mountain, you are very grave and sober, absorbed in thoughts of doing something very great. Like us, you have vowed to keep within your heart the lotus feet of Krsna, the son of Vasudeva."
susyad-ghradah karsita bata sindhu-patnyah
yadvad vayam madhu-pateh pranayavalokam
aprapya musta-hrdayah puru-karsitah sma
"O rivers, wives of the ocean, we see that the ocean does not give you happiness. Thus you have almost dried up, and you no longer bear beautiful lotuses. The lotuses have become skinny, and even in the sunshine they are devoid of all pleasure. Similarly, the hearts of us poor queens are all dried up, and our bodies are skinny because we are now devoid of loving affairs with Madhupati. Are you, like us, dry and without beauty because you are devoid of Krsna's loving glance?"
hamsa svagatam asyatam piba payo bruhy anga saureh katham
dutam tvam nu vidama kaccid ajitah svasty asta uktam pura
kim va nas cala-sauhrdah smarati tam kasmad bhajamo vayam
ksaudralapaya-kamadam sriyamrte saivaika-nistha striyam
"O swan, you have come here so happily! Let us welcome you. We understand that you are always Krsna's messenger. Now while you drink this milk, tell us what His message is. Has Krsna said something about us to you? May we inquire from you whether Krsna is happy? We want to know. Does He remember us? We know that the goddess of fortune is serving Him alone. We are simply maidservants. How can we worship He who speaks sweet words but never fulfills our desires?"

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