'sukrti-labhya phela-lava'--balena bara-bara
isvara-sevaka puche,--'ki artha ihara'?
sukrti—by great fortune; labhya—obtainable; phela-lava—a particle of the remnants; balena—says; bara-bara—again and again; isvara-sevaka—the servants of Jagannatha; puche—inquire; ki—what; artha—the meaning; ihara—of this.
The Lord said again and again, "Only by great fortune may one come by a particle of the remnants of food offered to the Lord." The servants of the Jagannatha temple inquired, "What is the meaning of this?"
The remnants of Krsna's food are mixed with His saliva. In the Mahabharata and the Skanda Purana it is stated:
maha-prasade govinde
nama-brahmani vaisnave
svalpa-punyavatam rajan
visvaso naiva jayate
"Persons who are not very highly elevated in pious activities cannot believe in the remnants of food [prasada] of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, nor in Govinda, the holy name of the Lord, nor in the Vaisnavas."

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