svapnera darśanāveśe tad-rūpa haila mana
yāhāṅ tāhāṅ dekhe sarvatra muralī-vadana
svapnera—of the dream; darśana-āveśe—by being fully absorbed in the vision; tat-rūpa—like that; haila mana—the mind became; yāhāṅ tāhāṅ—anywhere and everywhere; dekhe—sees; sarvatra—all around; muralī-vadanaKṛṣṇa with His flute to His mouth.
Becoming fully absorbed in that vision, Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu had assumed the mood of the gopīs, so much so that everywhere He looked He saw Kṛṣṇa standing with His flute to His lips.

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